AUTOPACE Dissemination Event on 5th of March 2018 at Madrid

The final AUTOPACE Dissemination Event took place on 5th of March at ENAIRE Premises (Madrid, Spain) from 10:00 to 18:00 (day before the World ATM Conference 2018 Opening). This Dissemination Event complements the workshop held in Belgrade last 27th of November providing more details and new consolidated results.

The main research questions that we have addressed are:

  • Concept of Operation for 2050: What are the challenges to progress from the current concept and technological level to foreseeable automation scenarios (2050 horizon)? How to tackle with 2050 concept uncertainty to define the roles and responsibilities of System and ATCo in nominal and non-nominal situations?
  • ATCo Psychological Model: How the ATCo cognitive processes change in high automation environments? What are the ATCo Performance drawbacks due to the risk of “out of the loop” and “fear of automation” effects whose consequences are especially severe in case of automation failure?
  • ATCo Competences and Training: Do the new competences and training strategies require new personnel selection criteria, skills, abilities and personality characteristics for future ATCos to cope with high automation environments?
  • Preliminary Hazard and Safety Assessment: What are the most probable hazards expected in nominal and non-nominal scenarios and their impact on safety of high automation scenarios? Are new training strategies enough to mitigate the automation risks or some new system automation features are also needed?

Resultado de imagen de workshop

For more information about AUTOPACE Final Dissemination Event see here.