Research Approach

To achieve AUTOPACE objectives, AUTOPACE proposes an iterative approach (see Figure 1) where expert judgement, literature research and Analytical Studies will be used to explore an ATCo Psychological Model to quantitative predict effects of automation on controller performance, future requirements for ATCo competences and training strategies. Once a full set of competences and a catalogue of training strategies are identified, a research on the new ATCo Curricula and ATCO Personnel Selection will be explored.approach

To do that AUTOPACE WBS has been organized around seven Workpackages:


These Workpackages will provide different deliverables where it could be found more information about work carried out in each one.


Know more about each Workpackage here:

WP1 Management

WP2 Future Automation scenarios

WP3 Competences and Training

WP4 Safety and Performance

WP5 Conclusions

WP6 Dissemination