WP3 Competences and Training


Researchon the new competences and training strategies to effectively operate in 2050 automation environments ensuring a safety level. The research will be based on the impact of automation on the ATCos Mental Workload and psychological factors. Then, new training strategies to cope with overload (out-of-the-loop /overconfidence) and underload (disorientation, overacting or erratic behaviour/ fears of failure) in nominal and non-nominal situations will be researched.


To cope with the previous objectives, the WP3 has been divided into two different activities which will produce its own deliverable:

  • P03.01 Cognitive processes and Psychological Factors Research

This first task of the WP3 will be the research on a Psychological Model to analyse the ATCo Mental Workload when operating in the WP2 delivered future automation scenarios. Looking at the MWL figures provided by the Cognitive Model Prototype and taking into account the cognitive processes, impacts due to psychological factors according to the psychological modelling theories (Classical vs MART) will be identified by means of expert judgement from psychological experts, ATM experts and ATCo trainers.

Findings of this session will serve to better understand the effects of automation on psychological factors, demanded and available ATCo resources. Final output of this task will allow identifying possible risk of overload or underload in the different 2050 scenarios in order to mitigate their effects with the proper training strategy.

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  • P03.02 Identify Competence and training requirements

This activity will use P03.01 Cognitive processes and Psychological Factors Research and WP04 Safety and Performance assessment outputs to research the new competences and a catalogue of training requirements to effectively operate in the foreseen scenarios.

The result of this task will be the development of a new competence-based training to cope with the negative effects of introducing automation in Air Traffic Control.

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