Training Simulation Platform Videos

Some of the concepts and models developed in AUTOPACE are in a first level of development which may be checked in further research phases. Having this in mind, along P03.02 Identify Competences and Training Requirements AUTOPACE Project has been working on the development of a simulation tool which allows creating exercises with different scenarios and to validate the hypothesis defined. In addition, this simulation tool has been performed employing the EUROSCOPE Platform, which supposes a really good alternative to current expensive and closed-source software ATC Simulators.

AUTOPACE Simulation Tool allows:

  • Creating scenarios in a quick way.
  • Recreating the functions and the responsibilities defined in AUTOPACE.
  • Adapting the functions and the responsibilities when ATCo models are changed.
  • Calibrating the models and validating the hypothesis performed in the different project phases.
  • The Euroscope platform has been the base, with the corresponding adaptations needed for the project.

In is important to mention that, following AUTOPACE Project scope, it has been considered that ATCos’ activities take place in a defined sector and only during the en-route phase.

In the following video examples can be noted that there are two different screens synchronised which correspond to the two different ATC positions to manage the same scenario:

  • System position: an ATC position in charge of all the responsibilities assigned to the system.
  • ATCo position: an ATC position in charge of human responsibilities over the scenario.
High Automated Scenario Video Example


Medium Automated Scenario Video Example